AirPods Service at iStore

Being an Apple Authorised Service Provider iStore is the best place to get your AirPods serviced. iStore uses Apple provided diagnostic tools and procedures to ensure we treat your AirPods as Apple intended.

How do I get my AirPods fixed?

Bring your AirPods or AirPods Charging Case in to iStore where it will be booked in to our service department to be assessed by one of our service technicians. If your device is covered under warranty we will repair or replace your device and contact you when your device is ready for collection. Due to Apple's repair policy your AirPods will need to remain in our service department for the duration of the repair.

No component repairs will take place on your device and in the event of a hardware failure your AirPods will be replaced. Once your replaced component arrives at iStore we will contact you so it can be collected straight from our Takapuna store.

How much will it cost?

If your AirPods are less than a year old and the issue covered by Apple's Limited Warranty the service will be free of charge. If your AirPods were purchased in New Zealand and are less than 24 months old they may be covered under Apple's variable warranty.

If your AirPods have suffered physical damage or failed outside of warranty you can still get it serviced at iStore. Follow the link below to see our full list of AirPods repair pricing.

See more details and pricing >

How long will it take?

We aim for a service turn around time of 3-5 working days for AirPod repairs, however this may vary depending on the current work load of the service department.2

Please check our homepage for the current estimated turn around times, alternatively you may wish to contact the iStore team directly.

Battery Service

If your AirPods are suffering from battery life issues iStore can diagnose the issue. If we confirm a failed or consumed battery we can get your AirPods or AirPods Charging Case replaced for a discounted battery replacement fee.

See battery pricing >

Servicing AirPods Accessories

If your AirPods accessory – such as a USB to lightning cable – is not working as expected you can get it serviced through iStore. In order for iStore to facilitate a repair or replacement of an AirPods accessory we will need to book in the item against the serial number found on your AirPods Charging Case. Just like with AirPods repair your accessory will need to remain in our service department for the duration of the repair however you may take your AirPods away with you.

Before you bring in your device

Before bringing in your AirPods or AirPods accessory in to be serviced please ensure that you have obtained the serial number for the AirPods. The AirPods serial number is found on the inside of the Charging Case, on your retail packaging or possibly on your sales receipt. If you cannot find or obtain your serial number and have lost your AirPods Charging Case please contact iStore for advice on how to proceed.

Lost an AirPod?

If you have lost an AirPod or AirPods Charging Case iStore can order you a replacement item at a discounted rate.

Unfortunately if you have lost your AirPods Charging Case we will need the serial number from either your receipt or retail packaging in order to create a repair with Apple.

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